How does one bind fish-hooks correctly or better?

Active "Matchangler" frequently face after the season the problem of compensating for the losses to fish-hooks and assemblies in the cold winter months. Bound hook sizes usually aren't available with the desired cord strength since you usually fish finer than you offer in the trade for the leisure angler. Binding very little hooks doesn't turn out well either so properly if is right one holds nothing tight for the hook. A variant has been introduced to Matchangler version 2/2002 in this with a very simple binder equipment. One doesn't have his hand vacant to be able to check the tension of the cord when wrapping well however. A hook binder equipment which can always bind the same pre-subject lengths after modification, too offers to lay out Sensas without a ruler after binding. 
Wenn häufig größere Mengen an Haken gebunden werden sollen, dann

we recommend the following solution which we have seen with the Sensas-Carbolino team (Mecklenburg pre-Pomeranian):

Mit dem Sensas Pierotti Hakenbinder (BestellNr. s09851) und der Alu-Hakenbinevorichtung wird es noch perfekter Metallicly blue anodized aluminum rack can take the hook binder equipment of Sensas on the left below being the picture a solid. How this works we point in the next picture. 
The two Sensas hook bandage parts (crank and bracket) are already put on at the back strap

With the help of an aluminum pin the pre-subject length up to 60 cm is adjusted. The pin with an eye takes the cord loop.

Wir haben ein Bildvergrößerung von diesem Bindegerät

Wir haben eine Vergrößerung für Sie
Für dieses Bild haben wir eine Vergrößerung

Für dieses Bild haben wir eine Vergrößerung. Die sollten Sie unbedingt ansehen.
In the next step the hook is put in about to the bracket that the hook is held with hook top of the bracket. There is a little hanger on the right at the bracket. The cord is put and drawn to the front parallel to the pre-subject cord again behind this hanger. Now an easy crank turn to the right and the cord winds around the hook. See picture on the left.  
It is, lasting further wound for one hand keeps the cord tight with the left. The first windings arise. This is one 12- hook for 0,12mm cord.  Eine anschauliche Vergrößerung finden Sie hinter dem Link.
Auch hier haben wir eine Vergrößerung At this 12-hook we wraps approx. 7-8 meanders. The meanders arise from winding, the hook is turned. 
One then puts the cord behind this clamp which serves as a cutter knife. Up the cord is cut and jammed easily for slight pressure and jerk with.  Schauen Sie sich das mal näher an.
Eine Vergrößerung finden Sie hinter dem Link The clip is solved slowly on the right of behind to the front now. 
The clip is open now. The cord loop from the aluminum pin is taken and after cautious tighten the loop reduces itself on the right in the picture till it sits on the hook tightly.  

Tip: They should before it draw everything, however, firmly together moisten the cord winding a little so that the cord doesn't burn at the ache due to the friction and the heat arising with that.

Wir haben eine Vergrößerung mit mehr Details für Sie The winding is drawn tightly and this if necessary so revolvedly still runs along the cord in front of the small plate. Otherwise one needs to be surprised no-one, why at the drill sudden fish purr this one is cut. In addition, the hook then hangs uncheckedly and crookedly in the water. 
You can order the complete device (order number s09852) with a Sensas hook tie at us also by e-mail. Price: € 85.00   

The Sensas hook tie Pierotti costs one by one € 62,90 (for 09851, Sensas catalog 2007 for page 117) in the online shop.
The anodized aluminum bandage table has to be obtained for € 25 also one by one


The question still is remaining open now,

how one always binds the equally big or small pre-subject loop?

In connection with this, we have found a smart "crochet hook" at Sensas:

This so-called Easy Loop  simply can be used.


A loop commits itself around the forefinger and one holds the cord with thumbs and middle finger tightly. The left take this one away for right-handed person for this from Hand. 
The Easy Lopper is turned into itself. Altogether twice. The illustration shows the first turn. 


The loop is then approx. 8-10 mm "in size" if one uses the big crochet hook. The "small" one creates loops of 5 mm.

A second turn is carried out.

The loop of the left forefinger slips in the lower opening and is drawn tightly.

So it then should look. In the next step the loop is shoved out of the upper hook. A knot is arising thick below our crochet hook now.

So professionals always bind the same loop size. This cannot very smally and with that be so fast seen for the fish.

Sensas Order-Nr. 09891.

A big and a small crochet hook is delivered in the set. Price € 7.90

You can purchase this article also in our online shop. 

for competition anglers what you want know these

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